Friday, July 24, 2009

Mehendi Day Party and Decorations!

Continuing the topic of wedding decorations, I am posting some pictures of my cousin R's Mehendi day that I organised for her last year. It was a major success. You might remember this post of the Mehendi Day Invitations. Since the theme was blue and green, we expected all the guests to arrive in either blue or green. Can you believe it everyone including the oldies followed the dress code so well!!!!!!

Considering the beautiful colourful sarees available in India, I was really happy that everyone stuck to the dress code....some were even so nice that they actually bought new clothes and sarees just for the occasion!

All this was not possible if we did not have all the cousins, uncles and aunties helping me with the decorations!!!!So thanks to u all!
For the decorations, we used blue and green rectangle cardboards (leftover pieces from the invitation card) and continued the designs of the card on them with block printing, glitters and kundan stones. We also stuck colour papers and balloons (again in blue and green) all over the walls. Gorgeous Marigold Flowers adorned the whole place. I personally think they are the best flowers for decoration because they stay for 2-3 days. I used them in Urli, on the shelves and on the stairs.
We also used beautiful green and blue sarees of my grandmother for the windows and wow!!! the whole room looked so festive!!!!
I planned a small party favor for everyone who had come to the occasion. We bought this small jute purse in lovely colors at Jute Cottage in Bangalore and stuck a small note of ''Thank you'' tags on them.

While all of us were in blue and green, the bride was in a beautiful pink thread work saree which looked absolutely gorgeous among the blues and greens.

All in all it turned out to be a great party, a memorable one for all of us with lotsa good food, music, games, dance, gifts and not to forget the MEHENDI.

Most of all I have to thank my Uncle and Aunt for sponsoring the whole event without which I could not have done anything!!!!!!

Hope you all like this post and derive some ideas from here!

Have a great weekend!!!!!