Saturday, May 31, 2008


When Indira of Mahanandi invited fellow bloggers to participate in “Food Art: Mango Manthram”, I was more than thrilled to be a part of it. Although I promised her to send two entries, over ambitious me! Sorry Indira. I will try to send more entries next time. I wish she keeps hosting many more such events of food art. It helps people like us to think more and dedicate time to art along with food!

This is a very simple craft that anyone can do. A hand made Invitation card! All the small functions at my place, be it Birthdays, Gruhapravesham (house warming ceremony), I always try to add a personal touch by making invitations at home. For a crowd of 80-100, this is definitely possible.

The theme here was MANGO. So I drew mango motifs on scrapbook sheets, cut them, pasted them on art paper (preferably thick). Embellish them with anything you like. I used fevicryl outliners and some sequined flowers I had at home. I have placed the sequined flowers in different places just to show variations. Use your imagination and you can do wonders with little creativity!

Materials used: Fevicol, scissor, Fevicryl outliners, pencil, scrapbook sheets, art paper, sequinned flowers.


Decorative Trays

Functions in India are very colorful be it engagements, weddings, anniversaries. Every get-together like these is celebrated in a colorful way. Starting from food, flowers, decorations, sarees, jewelry, everything is so vibrant and beautiful. What I like the most amidst all????? The previous day to the functions! I like the chaos, confusion, hurry to get things arranged, children playing and screaming around the hall, oldies chit chatting in a corner, youngsters making decorative arrangements, food caterers, Aunts and uncles checking on every detail phew!!! The list is endless. The whole atmosphere is mind blowing.

One such occasion recently was my cousin’s engagement. I took up the task of making decorative trays (I will tell you more about the usage of these trays in my next post). Not that you can’t buy them from the market. Infact I got the inspiration to make these trays from a shop I visited near my place. The shop owner suggested me if I did not like the designs I saw there, I could always make them on my own. Now that was interesting to me. Adds a personal touch to the occasion. So there I gathered all the materials and hurried back home to start on my new project. I was so happy with the results. My hard work was really appreciated by one and all at the engagement ceremony. Most of all, my cousin R was thrilled and the happiness on her face was worth every minute I spent doing them. This is the first set. I will post more trays, actually I am searching for the photo which had things filled in them. So that will come soon too!!!!!!enjoy!!!!!

Wondering what they are in the second tray? Chocolates!!!!


My love for drawing started with biology. Well, I connected to art initially through drawing diagrams for my biology records. I realized my potential and passion when I took up Microbiology as a major subject. I then started looking out for a good teacher to fine tune my skills. Initially I trained under a teacher in Bangalore. I learnt oil, water color, crayons, fabric and tanjore paintings from her. But the only problem there was, I only did one board for each kind of painting which according to me isn’t sufficient. Marriage, couple of years later baby, I realized I haven’t done much of painting in the years gone by. I wanted to revive everything I knew be it crafts, different kinds of paintings, etc.

And so I started looking out for a good teacher or rather a good school where I can learn A to Z of ART. Six months later, here I am enrolled myself to a good school in US for a distance education program and I am enjoying every bit of it. Feels like going back to school:-). So from today my adventure in art begins……