Saturday, May 31, 2008


My love for drawing started with biology. Well, I connected to art initially through drawing diagrams for my biology records. I realized my potential and passion when I took up Microbiology as a major subject. I then started looking out for a good teacher to fine tune my skills. Initially I trained under a teacher in Bangalore. I learnt oil, water color, crayons, fabric and tanjore paintings from her. But the only problem there was, I only did one board for each kind of painting which according to me isn’t sufficient. Marriage, couple of years later baby, I realized I haven’t done much of painting in the years gone by. I wanted to revive everything I knew be it crafts, different kinds of paintings, etc.

And so I started looking out for a good teacher or rather a good school where I can learn A to Z of ART. Six months later, here I am enrolled myself to a good school in US for a distance education program and I am enjoying every bit of it. Feels like going back to school:-). So from today my adventure in art begins……