Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011- "IF you lived here"

This is the first page of my Sketchbook project 2011 and my topic is "If you lived here". This is my interpretation of the subject. I dont know if I will be able to finish the book on time but trying to finish it fast. I have always been passionate about visiting different places. So when I saw the topics list on the project, I knew this is the topic for me. I will upload the pages as and when I finish it.

If you live or lived in San francisco, I am sure you will agree with the above sketch! SFO is famous for the Golden gate bridge, Ghirardelli Ice creams, Beautiful streets and the upscale apartments and not to forget the historical Cable car!!!! I loved my trip to SFO. My sister lives there and hopefully will be visiting her again soon!!!!

I wish all my friends and my wonderful readers a very Happy New Year 2011 !!!!!!

More posts in 2011!!!!