Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pot painting

I recently moved in to my new home...and still doing up the interiors. This is one such corner of my home....I wanted an egyptian theme at the entrance. Luckily one of my neighbours gifted me two egyptian paintings. To go with the theme I painted this huge pot in blue. My sister Vasu (She has a new blog called Cherishing Spaces) is an interior designer has a lovely collection of books on interiors. Lucky me I found a beautiful book on Egyptian people called "Life in the land of Pharoahs". It helped me a lot as I found a lot of scriptures that the egyptians used which is called as Hieroglyphs . They devised a system of picture writing whiçh is the most decorative scripts ever devised.

The egyptians were also very good in jewellry making. The one that you see on the pot is one such beaded collar or wesekh. Isnt ít lovely? I just mixed both the hieroglyphs and the jewellry just to get a feel of egypt in the foyer.

Whats missing here in the picture....some egyptian figurines....some day should be able to add them!