Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Rose is a rose is a rose

                                             Water color on Strathmore cold press brown Acid free
                                                                            9" x 12"

This painting was just a quick one in the afternoon. I usually use my own reference photo or my friends usually forward me their photos. But today, the reference photo was from this site below.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!


rk said...

Very nice! I like the shading on the rose. If I may suggest, I think the leaves having smoother colors would be appealing. But the background and the leaves having a splotchy effect goes well together I suppose. Nice job.

Veda Murthy said...

Thank you Mangala and Rk for leaving such wonderful comments as always.

I completely agree with you Rk. Thank you for your suggestions. Do keep visiting here.


Nayana said...

And beautiful one :)

WIDI said...

Love the rose. Have started to paint after a few long years and taking inspiration from blogs like yours. Thanks,Preethi.